Sunday, December 27, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  This past week was wonderful.  We started off speaking in Sacrament meeting then traveling and doing apartment inspections.   We also received this fun package in the mail from my sister Marty.  I was more than over the moon because it is seldom that a package comes addressed for us and it was a Christmas package too.  Thanks Marty for thinking of us!!!

 On Thursday we had the Sisters and Elders over for waffles with our Branch Mission Leaders.  None of them had ever had waffles so it was a treat.  We had fresh strawberries with whipped cream, maple syrup and white cream syrup.  They all wanted to know when they could come back for some more.

The missionaries competed in a hot game of stacking cups in the order of the books in the Book of Mormon. The Sisters won with an incredible time of 60 seconds.

We then had a fun few games of Headbanzz Greek style.

The Elders gave our branch mission leader the gift of his own teaching record here in the mission.  Panyioti was an investigator for about 10 years.  They got permission to give him the teaching record that was kept in the area book.  The comments were priceless and he was very touched.

This picture is kind of dark but the missionaries gave Bill an 8-pack of diet Coke and a Rebuk's cube with his favorite scripture on it, 

I got two packages of my favorite ice cream treat here in the mission field.  They are really, really good.

Here we are ready for Christmas Day Dinner.  It was so much fun to have these wonderful people to share this special day with.  

We followed up with a lot of UNO games!!!

Here we are, casual and ready to call it a day.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Well, it must be December because the days are flying by.  Can't believe that Christmas is this week. It is kind of strange not really worrying about buying gifts and making things - instead we are worrying about planning a week of activities for all of the missionaries, feeding them, transporting them and providing spiritual enlightenment.  I was feeling totally overwhelmed about a week ago but now I just am taking it one day at a time and making lots of lists to keep me on track on what I need to do each day.  Only time will tell if they work or not.

This past week we had zone conference and it was great to meet with everyone.  Boy, how the missionaries love to be together.

everyone is just a little excited for Christmas!
Elder Fagg from England.  Another bike casualty.  Had to have surgery to repair his broken wrist.  What a trooper though - he showed up at zone conference the next day.

Our landlord brought this over for Christmas.  He has rented to senior couple missionaries for the past 8 years and still doesn't connect us with the standards.

Sad picture but this was our branch activity the other night when we watched the First Presidency Devotional.   Excellent!

Another narrow street that Bill found.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!  We miss you all and send our love !

Chronia Polah!

(Chronia Polah or Merry Christmas!)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,  Christmas will be here before we know it.  We can't wait.  This year we are in a different city than last year with new branch members and missionaries  We are excited.  It is fun to work with the young missionaries and see their enthusiasm and love of the work.  They never cease to amaze us.

The sisters helped to decorate the Branch Christmas tree:
Sisters Lutzinger and Lehman

Do you recognize this lady?  If you heard her voice I know you would.  It is Sis. Edmonds who is better known as the "Food Nanny."  Her show is on KBYUTV and she as written books on the importance of feeding our families healthy meals.  She was here with her husband and we had a fun time getting to know each other.  They are stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, and travel all over Europe checking out real estate for the church.  You might ask what qualifications he had for this amazing assignment:  NONE - he was an airline pilot who flew for Delta.  Go figure!?!  They have just been out for 9 months.

We celebrated Bill's birthday last week.  Sorry I didn't get any pictures.  We went to a place that we were told had good steak.  It really was pretty good and we enjoyed the night out.  We were down on the seaside the the weather had turned very cold and the wind was blowing hard.  We actually had a few days of 'cold' weather.  In the 40's and 50's.   This week we are heading back to the 60's which is nice.  we pretty much heat our flat with a small space heater and sleep with heavy blankets on at night.

Sis Jane

Elder Potter

Sunday night we went caroling with the young missionaries and our Branch Mission Leaders.  It was really a lot of fun.  People loved it.  I guess it isn't something that they do over here much.  We went to members in our branch and handed them a plate of cookies and sang 3-4 songs.  During one of the songs, my 'beautiful' voice majorly cracked and in turn so did Elder Potter crack up.  He had a hard time composing himself  after that.  Now they know why I don't sing in the mission choir!!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season.  May we all remember that He is the reason for the season!