Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28, 2016 -   It has been a fast two weeks.  I couldn't upload any pictures last week because our computer was maxed out on memory.  Luckily we were able to figure out what we could delete and I think we are business again.  Oh my - where to begin.

We had a great couples outing and went over to the north Turkish side.  We have actually been to these sites before but two of the couples are newer and hadn't.  It is always fascinating to see them again.  We went to Barnabus' tomb and to Salamis.

Warning:  Picture overload!

The pillar/post on this picture supposedly was brought over from Jerusalem in the 1st century.

Children's toys - 600-800 BC

I am always amazed when I seen writings right there in the middle of a road.

The mission got new cars - WAHOO!!  They are Nisson Notes and much bigger (I know they don't look it but take our word for it and nicer,)

One of about 6 trips to the airport this week.

We thought this was a field of coating but they are really snails.

An old Turkish fort on the North Side.

This old church looks like it belongs in Europe.

Not the best picture but we had two baptism in Pafos which is awesome.  A older gentleman whose wife has been waiting for years for this day.

Ladies night at the seaside while the men were in meetings.


It was a busy two weeks but a good two weeks.  We love being busy!  The weather is definitely warming up and it is fun to remember last year at this time and to realize that we have been here this long.  What an adventure it has been.

Our little branch is doing good.  Hopefully some baptisms are on the way.  The missionaries are working so hard and are so diligent.  

Have a great week!

Everyday we are blessed with a sunrise we did not ask for.   Remember to say, "Thank you"...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday, February 14th - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone!!  Hope you all had a great day!  We did - got to go to church and have pot luck.  Pot luck is a big deal here.  We usually have our best attendance that day and the members really go all out with bringing food to share with everyone.  They stay and stay and visit and visit.

This is couple here on holiday from England.  The cool thing is that he served a mission to Italy 30 years ago and served in the area where one of our new sisters is from.  They new a lot of the same people.  Also, he knew the family of Elder Kitsell, one of our elders here.

The Brethren enjoying the meal.

Sis. Natalie - she is one of our two senior primary girls.  She is Cypriot and a sweetheart.

Elder Kittsell from England stayed and we received Elder Sveboda from Sweden.   Two great missionaries.  Elder Sveboda has lived all over the world - most recently Cambodia. Speaks 5-6 languages and a great missionary.

We get to keep Sis. Lehman and welcomed Sister Bakewell (England) and Sis. Lacher (Italy).  We are blessed to have a trio of Sisters with us for the next 6-12 weeks.  They are the only sister missionaries on the entire island.

Posing after Potluck.

We are excited to have these new missionaries along with the great ones that are staying with us.  The work will continue on without missing a beat.  Again, we are so impressed with the young missionaries serving in the church these days.  They are strong, committed and devoted.  Their testimonies are awesome and they love the Lord!

Thought from Relief Society today:  

He who sends the storms - will also steer the vessel.

Very comforting!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7, 2016 - Here we are at the end of the first week in February.  Can hardly believe it!  I'm sitting here listening to the Roots-tech presentation in SLC last weekend.  Can you believe that I can see and listen to things from back home.  This and being able to FaceTime our family and friends has been such a blessing to us.  It has really helped us keep the ties in place and we are so grateful for modern technology that allows it to us.

We had special CES training on Saturday which was nice.  I am still amazed at the depth and breath of the church organization throughout the world.  This mission has been so good for me to see how amazing the gospel and church are.  Growing up in Utah we don't realize truly what is out there.  Bill & I were talking just the other day, as we were driving along the 'great salt lake,' looking at the flamingos that it is hard to believe that we are actually on a mission and living overseas on the island of Cyprus.  What an life changing experience it has been!

Today we said goodbye to one of our darling branch Young Woman - Despoina.  She is an awesome young lady who has not had an easy life.

She is moving to Germany to live with her stepfather.  The situation here was not good for her and we are praying and hoping that this is a good step forward.  She is always so upbeat and a very friendly, outgoing person with such a strong testimony of the gospel.  She will be an powerful missionary there in Germany. Hopefully we will see her again someday.  

Here is a link to a feature about Despoina when Elder Christopherson came to Cyprus the summer before we came:

Fun site I saw on my walk the other morning.

My red shoes have become a signature in the branch.  I always get comments on them and the fact that I don't wear nylons and how cold they think my legs must be.  They actually are not cold at all!

We have transfers coming this week and will lose two of our wonderful missionaries:  Elder Deighton and Sister Lutzinger.  They are both heading over to Greece - we will miss them but know they will do a wonderful work there.  We are getting two new sisters (a 3-some) and a new elder.  

A member to the branch asked me if we were going to watch the big game.  I had to ask him what game.  He answered the Super Bowl.  Hard to believe but didn't know it was happening and have not a clue as to what teams are even playing.  I know, hard to believe isn't it!?!?!

Have a great week!  Share the gospel with someone - even if it is with yourself.