Saturday, March 28, 2015


This week found us doing a LOT of traveling.  We are in the process of closing down some apartments and that falls under Elder Jacobsen's duties.  Went to Pafos twice and Larnaca twice.  On one of our trips back we took the scenic route.  It was beautiful.

Found these babies at the grocery store and was in heaven.  Bought two little bags and came home and inhaled one immediately.  Thank goodness Bill doesn't like them.  One of my guilty pleasures at Easter time.

This is just a random shot of a cashier at the store.  All the cashiers sit at their registers here.

Well, if you hug a sick sister missionary ... you are going to get sick yourself.
Yup it hit us hard Thursday night.  We have been grounded since.  It hit Elder Jacobsen much harder and it is hard for me to see him suffer so.  WE have been homebound and going a little stir crazy.

Here's hoping you all have a great week and a Happy Easter!  Easter here is a bigger deal then Christmas.  Stores close for 4 days so we have to stock up on essentials.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Well, there was a lot going on this weekend.  The best news of all is that our branch had a baptism last Saturday.  'Cherry' Bing Bing Zhou was baptized.  She is from China and is here attending school working on her MBA.  She is such a sweetheart and accepted the gospel immediately.

We went to the city of Paphos to do some mission business.  We really like this small town and plan on going back when the weather warms up.  It is a popular tourist site.

This church was built in the 400's and is still used today.  It is in the old town square.  Elder Jacobsen is in mission clothes because he was on official business.  Sis. Jacobsen is not.

Elder Jacobsen in his 'work' clothes.

WE got 5 new missionaries in Nicosia this week.  Below are Elder Svoboda from Hungary and Elder Dixon transferred up from Pafos.  They are enjoying the potluck after meeting today.

Sis. Indelicato from Italy, Sis. McKenna from Ireland and Sis. Bakewell from England  
Sis. Indelicato is a recent convert.  Has been a member for two years.  We have known Sis. McKenna since we came  - outstanding - and Sis. Bakewell is fairly new to the mission.

They are all outstanding missionaries and we are so lucky to have them serve here.  WE are sad that we will be transferring to Larnaca in 3 weeks but there are awesome missionaries there too!  We are excited to do the Lord's work in that area.  

Monday, March 16, 2015


This past week was a busy one.  We started the week taking the young missionaries up to the Troodoos mountains.  Yes, they are real mountains with snow.  We had a great time and it was beautiful.

Of course there was a snow ball fight!

We found a 'flipper' if anyone is interested.

This is outside of Barnabus's church.  They are the tombs of some of his followers.

This is supposedly the tomb of Barnabus.  Barnabus was a Cypriat Jew who was from Cyprus and taught with the Apostle Paul.  He was stoned to death by his own people.

Barnabus' church

We drove over to the Turkey side of Cyprus.  These are some ruins at Salamis.  As you can see the wildflowers are in bloom.  They say by summer everything will be dead and brown

a bath house


Can you see the boat in the arch way?  This was part of the aqueduct.

We had a wonderful day and can't wait to go back when the weather is better.

We had a mini transfer on Thursday and sent off 6 missionaries - 2 from Cyprus and 4 from Athens. We will miss them terribly but wish them the best on the next chapter of their lives.  More on that next week.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


We had zone conference this week.  Always a treat for everyone.

Celebrating March birthdays at zone conference.

These are the missionaries heading home this week.
Sis & Elder Hansen from Idaho, Elder Martinez from Spain and Sis Cheve from France.  We will miss them all so very much.

Cyprus trail mix:  nuts and olives - not a fan!

Sis Mueller, Sis East and our investigator Cheri from China.  They have a baptism date for March 21st.  Say a prayer for her please.

Elder & Sis Charles  - our Area 70 authority.  He was the mission president here 5 years ago.
His family is from Cyprus.  His father is Jehovah Witness, mother was Greek Orthodox and his wife Muslim.  Quite the combination but they are an amazing couple.

 This past week we went to the charming village of Lefkara.  It is up in the mountains and famous for its lace and filigree silver jewelry.  The day was a little cool so there was hardly anyone there.  We walked about and visited some of the shops.  The older ladies sit out in front and work on the lace.  It is amazing.  The work is so perfect that there is no wrong or right side.  I'll have to find a picture somewhere to show you.  The following pictures are all from Lefkara

we are going to come back in the summer when the weather is warmer and there are more people out and about.

Today is Sunday and we went to Pafos for Branch Conference.  Left at 7:00 and got home at 5:00 long but a good day.  Helped out the elders while we were there.  They are in the city by themselves these days with the sisters and the senior couple having been pulled out.

Have a good week!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kollisol Castle

This past week we had a zone outing with all the missionaries.  We went to a castle, Kollisol Castle down by Limassol.  It was originally built the 400's destroyed and then rebuilt in 1467.  We were amazed at the condition it is still in.

SisVallez, Sis Bingham, & Sis Birch (whose cousin is serving with Chandler Day in Australia)

inside on one of the four floors

A mosiac on the wall.

On the drawbridge.

outside this was probably part of the moat

The coat of arms

The sugar factory

This was originally a monastery but is now a Greek Orthodox church.   They have lots of these smaller churches throughout the area.  They are still actively used.

We then went back to the church and had a yummy lunch. The weather was stormy and quite cool but the missionaries didn't care - they just love being together.  They spent an hour trying to skip rocks on the sea.  As far as the work is going - it is a challenge.  We do feel that the Nicosia branch is getting stronger though.  Today we had 31 present at sacrament meeting.  They called a new RS presidency that is going to be really good.  The president has only been a member for 10 months but she knows the gospel and is very compassionate and a stable member of the branch.  We are hoping for good things from our investigators too.  You really do get your hopes up with each one of them.  WE have a big transfer next month and I know the elders and sisters are all hoping to have a baptism before the leave.  We lose 5 and gain 3.  We are getting two more elders from the US soon though.

First of the month so Elder Jacobsen will be busy paying bills and doing the bank account.  He is getting really good at it and it balances every time!!

love to all

Elder & Sister Jacobsen