Monday, February 23, 2015


This past week on P-day we took the missionaries down to the coastal city of Pissori.  It is so quaint and makes you feel like you are in central Europe with water.

This is the city's church.  UP on a hill with a gorgeous view.

Here is the coast.  The water colors are amazing!

The famous Aproditi's rock.  Legend has it that if you swim around it 8 times you will find your true love.  Very popular spot during the warmer weather.

This is coming out of the tunnel under the road to get to the shore.

This is just a fun find.  I love the "Toot and Puddle" books - and look - I found one in Greek!

Another random find - Aborio Rice.  I love this rice and at home pay about $5-6 for a 2 pound bag.  Found this the store for 2 Euros which is about $2.25.  Bought some and came right home and made some tasty rice pudding.

Today's church meetings were very good.  Had some new investigators and one returning one. Thanks to everyone for your prayers - they are helping!!  We had FHE after the pot luck and showed Meet the Mormons.  Of course, everyone loved it and I cried again!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Well, the big news for us is that we are being transferred.  I know - we didn't think senior couples got transferred either.  But we are transferring to the city of Larnaca.  It is on the coast about 45 minutes from Nicosia.  WE are excited about the new area but sad to be leaving our branch with so many dear members,  We will be very busy there with all the same responsibilities we have now plus teaching seminary, English classes and taking care of the Mission President's car, picking up and dropping off at the airport (which is in Larnaca) and a whole bunch of other things.  I just keep telling myself that busy is good!!!  Right????

Woke up Sunday morning and it was bright and sunny.  Five hours later we came home from church to this:

We have been having daily rainstorms.  I never would have guessed they received so much rain here. The missionaries from England feel right at home!

WE had zone conference on Friday and it was really good.  I had to give a tip to the missionaries.  I borrowed one from Dawna Drake and taught them the lifeskill of being happy where you are - or Bloom where you are planted!  I even led them in the song:  If you're happy and you know it . . .  Yes, I sang in front of everyone, not pretty!  It is amazing to see the growth and development in the missionaries over the past 4 (has it only been 4??) months that we have been here.  

Happy Birthday Sis. East, Elder Deighton & Elder Martinez!!

These are the sisters assigned to Nicosia:  Sis. Mueller (England) and Sis. East (Wales)

Our Elders:  Elder Valesquez (Finland) and Elder Martinez (Spain)

The Branch had a Valentines Party to celebrate the day.

Today at church we had 4 investigators and 2 less-actives.  We are excited to see that the work is possibly moving forward.  Worried that we so many of our missionaries are finishing up and heading home without replacements.  Please come join us!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

How did we get here?

The other day I came across this painting.  The title is:  How did I get here? by Caitlin Connolly.  

It spoke to my heart.

I asked myself:  How did we get here?  on a mission?  in Cyprus?  We didn't do it alone.  IT took lots and lots of other hands.

When I looked at all the hands supporting this woman, I couldn't help but think of all the 'hands' that have supported us and helped us over the years.  Support during Bill's coaching career, support during his battle with cancer, support raising our four wonderful children, support in all of our church callings, support during hard times and happy times.  We couldn't have made it without all of the many hands that have helped us along the way.  Family, friends, neighbors,  church leaders, players, co-workers and many, many more.  Please know how very much we love and appreciate you.
We are aware of how much we owe you.

I hope that in some small way we too have been the hands that have helped someone else along their way.  We promise to do better, to be better at helping others upon our return.  If nothing else, this mission has taught us and continues to teach that helping others and loving others along their way is what our Heavenly Father wants and needs us to do.   We are His hands for the short time we are here.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Visa Victory

It's official - we are now legal 'visitors' on the island of Cyprus.  It was a long, frustrating process but it finally happened.  The Church had an attorney accompany us on our 6th visit to Immigration this past week.  Usually you never get to see the same official twice but just our luck we did get the same lady who turned us away last time = and she wasn't too thrilled to see us again.  And,  like before, she rejected us.  But, the attorney earned his pay and took us aside and told us to wait while he went and talked to the supervisor.  The big glitch was that the insurance letter didn't list the coverage in 'bullet' form.  It was in paragraphs.  Once he pointed out that all the required coverage was there, she signed off and we got our pictures taken and we were out of there!!!  Such a good thing and a huge relief.  We are grateful for the Church for looking after us and helping us so much.

WE had two great teaching appointments this week.  The first one was with a young man named Andrew.  He is from Kenya, living here with his family and attending the university studying sports medicine and performance.  The lessons have gone well and we are praying that he will accept the gospel.

Elder Dickson, Andrew, Elder Velasqez, Elder Jacobsen

Yesterday we met with the sisters and a family from Bulgaria.  They have lived here for about 5 years and have two adorable little boys.  They are eager to learn.  They are very religious but looking for something more than what they have.  They want to be taught in Bulgarian so we are trying to find people who can help with that.  

WE understand there is a big game going on are home today.  Funny how it is so removed from us here.  I really couldn't even tell you who is playing - Bill probably can though.  We are grateful for the focus we have in our lives right now and for the guidance and direction we receive each day.  How you all have a great week - we will.