Sunday, May 31, 2015

Where did this week go?  I can't believe another week has gone by.  

I love this picture below.  We pass this building everyday on our way home from the seaside.  Not sure what is on the other side but we have it as a goal to find out before we leave.  I just love the lattice work not the windows and the weathered wood and brick.

On Monday we had a zone activity and went up to the Troodoos mountains.  Perfect time to escape the heat.  We did some hiking and just enjoyed another one of God's beautiful creations.  Driving up we almost felt like were are on Cedar Mountain at times and at other times felt like we were on Highway 1 in California up by Big Sur.

This is Elder Potter from Tuscan, AZ.  Excellent missionary.

Our sweet Sisters McKenna, Deeley and Bakewell.  We loose 5 sisters in August with only 2 sisters coming out.  We will definitely miss them!!

Hard to see these fun people in the rocks but they loved the hike.

We thought we might arrange to go to the 'temple' each day!  What do you think?!?

Helping the sisters with their bikes.  Yes, we know they are upside down but that is the only way the carrier will hold 'sister' bikes.

Had an interesting night with Sis. Deeley.  Ended up at the ER at Laranka General at 10:30 pm.  Nothing too serious, thank goodness, and by 3:30 we were all home and back in bed.

These are some cherries at the farmers' market.  They are 7.70 Euros which makes them about $9.00 a lb.   I think I'll wait.

A gorgeous sunset to end the day!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baptism!  Yesterday we had a baptism up in Nicosia.  It was wonderful.  The man's name is Daniel. He is married to a member and has had numerous lessons.  This last time they worked!  He is a humble man from Romania.  Had a serious word of wisdom problem but tackled it and was baptized Saturday night.  Such a happy time for everyone.  It was fun to be back with our 'original' branch family.  So happy to see this baptism take place and knowing that they are going to work toward the temple is the icing on the cake.

Me, Sis. Tess, Daniel, Elder Jacobsen
Two humble members doing the best they can.  He works as a car way 6-7 days a week and she cleans homes and businesses.  But, they pay their tithing and are so happy.  We hope good things lay ahead for them!

These were the birthday missionaries - so thrilled with their 'selfie' stick.

Pictures with the zone and with Pres. & Sis. Freestone.   They will be dearly missed!  Heading home to Missiouri July 1st.  We had our last zone conference with them and it was hard to think that they will be gone.  We know we will love our new president and his wife though - Pres. Heder from Pleasant Grove, UT.    The Freestones have taught us so very much and have blessed our lives for the better.  Pres.  Freestone's favorite quote/question is:  What are you going to do when you get home for the rest of your life??  answer:  SERVE THE LORD!

This is our apartment.  Much bigger unit than before.  We are on the second floor up, left hand side.

Good morning sunrise!

Have a great week - The Church is True!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well this week certainly was an interesting one.  We started out on Monday taking the elders and sisters to the Camel Park.  It is a small venue about 20 miles away that has approximately 50 camels and some other zoo type animals.  They all loved it and loved being together.  The weather was a little cooler which made it nice.  BUT before we got there we had to run to Nicosia to again to talk to Immigration about our visas - and then on the way back we had a tire blow out.  Not fun trying to change a tire with very limited room and in nice slacks and a shirt and tie on.

But we survived and headed on to see the camels.  Oh my, the sisters were so excited.  They also had some tortoises, a baby goats, ponies and fish.    Quite the assortment of animals!

They got to take a short ride around the park.  As they were heading our, Elder Tornar, raised his arm and yelled:  I fell like Nephi - onto to Jersalem!!  Quite the character he is.

All in all a good time was had.   We topped it off with lunch at McDonald's of course.  The missionaries just love being together no matter where or when.

This weekend we had district conference which is just like stake conference back home.  Both of us had to do leadership training on Saturday and Bill also spoke at the adult session.  It is the last conference before our mission president and his wife head home in July.  We will miss them!!  

In spite of our membership being quite small, the conferences we have attended have been wonderful.  Such a strong spirit and dedication from the members.  WE both came away very humbled to be serving here for the Lord.  Our love and prayers are for the members and missionaries to stay valiant and dedicated to the work and the gospel.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Where did this week go????   I can't believe it is Sunday already again.  We started the week by making multiple trips to Nicosia to complete the move - I know you are tired of hearing about it - we are tired of doing it.  Almost there.

We were invited to go to lunch at a member of the Nicosia Branch.  His name is Aryia and he is from Iran.  He desperately wants to go to the United States but a short stint in Syria has pretty much closed that door.  Very humble and a great branch member.  He fixed us a traditional Iranian dinner of meat, beans and rice.

This is after FHE.

The missionaries:  Elders Mead & Tornor and Brother Pantayotis.  Always smiling.

Sister Lynne - our new RS president

Sis Fadimah - she has serious health problems but comes every week and always to willing to help.

Our cute sister missionaries:  Mueller and Dealy.  They borrowed our IPAD for Young Womens and this is just one of the 25 selfies they took.  They are so fun and such hard working sisters.

The Young Women having a lesson with the sister missionaries.

Tomorrow we head back to Nicosia again - Immigration called and we have to go up and verify our finances - can you believe it???? We thought that was all behind us!!!  Wish us luck and a prayer or two wouldn't hurt.  Thanks!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Another great week.   We got to go shopping and buy some new mattresses for the sisters and one for us.  Went to IKEA in Nicosia which is always a treat.  We took the sisters and bought them lunch which they were thrilled about and added to their big adventure to the city.

We had a branch missionary activity which went well.  This was the first one here in Larnaca and everyone enjoyed it.  This coming week will be holding a Branch FHE.  Very few of our members have family here so the branch basically becomes their family.  It will be a fun thing to do and offer to the members.

This is Alex Ivonoff - her father is the branch President.  She is darling and very active.

We had two days of training with Bro. Medler from Albania.  He works with the Seminary & Institute programs (CES) and came to Cyprus to teach us.  He joined the church 20 years ago, served a mission in Seattle and attended Utah State and is getting his doctorate this summer from George Washington University.  He married a girl from the states and is now a stake president and a wonderful teacher.

Sitting by the pool waiting for the baptism.

A brother and sister were baptized.  The parents have been inactive but we are all hoping this gets them coming again.

The sister missionaries who taught the lessons:  Sis's McKenna, Indelgato and Bakewell.

One of our missionaries:  Elder Peel from England.  A fantastic missionary plus a really funny guy!

Just getting some study time in early in the morning.

Our days are filled with good things.  Today in Relief Society there wasn't a teacher so we each just bore testimony of Relief Society.  These dear sweet sisters are so humble and so loving.  They each have a story that is so different than what we know back home.  We even had some sisters visiting from Germany who participated without even being able to speak the language yet we all felt the spirit and the love they shared.  Just goes to show that the gospel is worldwide and that we can access it wherever we are and we will be welcomed and loved.

kalespera- good evening!