Sunday, September 27, 2015

These are the elders we have now in Larnaka:  Elder Dixon and Elder Deighton.  Elder Deighton served with us in Nicosia and is a sweet, humble missionary.  Has the best British accent!   We are glad to be working with him again.

Sisters East, Lutsinger and Indelicato

Branch members and investigators having fun at a game night.

Elder Teal getting a kick out of riding one of the sister's bikes.

The bike saga continues.  Elder Dixon is putting into practice the training he received from the mission president on bike maintenance.

There was a dance festival down at the seaside.  These dancers are in traditional Cypriat dress.

you can't tell but we are actually standing in the Mediterranean Sea.  Got about up to our hips but alas, no swim suits to go in much further.  :(

The highlight of the week was another baptism of an 8 year old Filipino girl, Ayia.  She got out in the water and freaked out - probably because it was a little rough that day.  She wouldn't let the elders put her under the water.  After a good 15 minutes the 3 elders said a prayer out there in the water and then everything fell into place.  She was baptized and happy as a clam.  It was a very tender moment - and evidence of a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers.

I loved listening to the Women's Broadcast.  Pres. Uchtdorf's talk was amazing.  If you haven't listened yet you won't want to miss it.  How grateful we are for general conference coming up and for our leaders.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


This has been such an amazing week.  Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and the extremely hard work of our missionaries, we had two (2) baptisms on Saturday night.  This was a great thing that everyone has waited for.  The two individuals were Edward from Egypt and Robin from Pakistan.  Both were found by a member here - Lucy.  Lucy is great at bringing in people to the chapel and then letting the missionaries take it from there.

Edward didn't speak any English a first so we had to teach him English first so that he could have the missionary lessons.  WE have a lot of people who speak different languages but Arabic isn't one of them.  Fortunately there is a member in Nicosia from Iran that was able to communicate some with him.  Edward just kept coming to church because he loved how he felt there.  The spirit had definitely touched him.  When he showed up Saturday night in new slacks, white shirt and tie I wanted to cry. Such a humble, sweet man!

Robin was found by one of our Young Adults.  He works in a bakery and is very humble also.  He would like to serve a mission some day.  He works all night Saturday nights and still comes to church at 10:00.

Our audience that day.

Pavlous, Robin, Elder Teal, Elder Dixon, Edward, Panyiotis

Robin on the left and Edward on the right.  Such a great day!

We had training via 'FaceTime' with Athens this week.  It was our first time trying it and it went pretty well.  Just a few tech bugs to work out.  This will save numerous airplane trips back and forth to Athens. Modern technology is amazing!

Went to Limasos during the week and had a chance to walk down by the sea.  I was walking along when a young lady saw my badge and came over to talk.  This was the first time that had happened on my mission!!  She was on holiday here from Russia.  She is taking English classes back there and really likes the missionaries.  We talked for a while and exchanged info.  Her name is Kataline and she works in a library.  It was so exciting to visit with her.  I'm a terrible missionary because I didn't have a Book of Mormon with me but I'm hoping whoever is teaching her English will give her one  I told her the CHURCH IS TRUE and to go back and meet with the missionaries.

I also came across this Rotary International sign. They had donated a lot of equipment for down along the seaside.  Rotary is close to my heart because my father spent many many years serving in it.  It was fun to see the sign and know the organization is still doing good worldwide.  Definitely not a flattering picture but I wanted to you to see Kataline - isn't she cute!!

Looking forward to another good week.  Tomorrow we are going to Pafos to try to find an apartment for a new senior couple coming in October.  They are the Wonnacotts from St. George.  I know, small world that we would have two couples from southern Utah.  It will be great to have them here and to have another senior couple to help with the work.

It is always good to wrap things up Sunday night and to reflect on the past week.  I am amazed at all the good things that are happening.  We see the Lord's hand everywhere in the work and are humbled to be a part of it.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Each week I marvel that I there is so much to share.  I think that we haven't taken any photos and then I'm always surprised to see that yes, we have.  This big news past week is the horrible dust storm that blanketed the island of Cyprus all week.  It rolled in Monday morning from Syria.  It was practically what you would call white-out conditions at times.  We definitely spent a lot of time inside.  The missionaries were advised to stay inside also or to wear masks if they went out.  The dust was everywhere!!!

outside our apartment

This is what the sun looked like  all week.

The car washes will be busy this week.  Today (Sunday) was the first day that we have seen the sun.  Hopefully the dust is gone for good!!

This board is from one of our Greek lessons - and no, I can not speak it!

The young man is Robin, should be getting baptized next week.  The character in the middle is our Branch Mission Leader, Panyiotis.

At the sea early in the morning with Comfort and David, two new friends.

Couldn't resist this picture.  Reminds us of El Azteca in Provo. Who knew it was a chain.

This two cute people are used by the sisters when they do role plays in their companion studies in the morning.  Do you recognize the Queen???

Busy day today.  We are starting our Seminary year and  hope it goes smoothly.  We are doing a semi-homestudy version.  We would really like to get them through it before we leave in April.  WHAT = did I just say April??? Boy that is coming way to soon - better get busy!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

This past week was wonderful, mainly because of this:

My brother and sister-in-law, Dennis & Linda, came to Cyprus to do a fireside on family history with their connection to Family Search.  Dennis retires on Oct. 1st so we are so glad this was happened.  He has done an amazing job and will be gently missed.  They were on their way to Israel so we invited them to stop over.  And they did!!  It was fantastic and the members here were so appreciative and loved the whole evening.  We hope it lit a fire in them to want to do their family history.  It will be a challenge for some because they come from where there are little if any records kept or they are so far from family and have little or no contact.

Here is I am with Sis. Reeves.  We served with the Reeves in Nicosia.

Dennis connected with Elder Dastrup from Chicago.  Dennis served with his grandfather in New Zealand 45+ years ago - I know, small world right?

The night before the fireside with Dallas & Addie. It was so special to see family here and that they would take the time to come see us!

Not sure when Bill snapped this picture - some early morning scripture reading?

What do you do on a Saturday night?  Football, of course.  We actually had to settle for watching a game from last year off the internet (no cable) but enjoyed it.   This was BYU-Texas.  We were excited to wake up Sunday morning to learn that BYU beat Nebraska.  Go Cougs! plus Notre Dame won - it is a good day in the neighborhood.

Such a fun week.  Now back to the real world :)  Life is good!