Sunday, October 25, 2015


The Wonnacotts finally arrived.  We are so excited to have them join us.  They look really good for have just finished a 28 hour flight!

We spent the night in Pafos to help the Wonnacotts the next day.  We stayed at the St. George Resort. Fun get-away for us.

St George Church

St George nightclub

We visited an archeological site called Tomb of the Kings. There isn't really any royalty buried there but the tombs are fashioned after those of royalty.  It was fascinating.  We are planning on going back when we have more time and in some P-day clothing.

To think these places are approximately 2000 years old!

Saying goodbye to Sis. Indelicato. She is transferring to Theseloniki.  She is a convert to the church from Italy and speaks 5 languages.  Great missionary!!!

We think that the rainy season has started.  It is strange that since we have now been here for a year that we are experiencing things for the second time around.  The rain has been wonderful  and the cooler temps are nice too.  We hope that it doesn't get too cool too soon.

We are getting ready for District Conference in about a month.  Lots to do but it is always so wonderful to hear from our leaders and to meet with the members.  We now have 4 senior couples on the island and that is fantastic.  We know that it is quite a miraculous thing to have them all here.  We lose one in February and hoping they will have a replacement couple.  Anyone interested?????

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wow, Sunday evenings sure come around quickly!!  Hard to believe another week has gone by and we are starting a new one.  I know, I say that every week don't I????  Sorry.  Spent a lot of time getting ready for the Wonnacotts and working with the missionaries.  They are so wonderful!!  They never cease to amaze me with their dedication and hard work.  We had a great Branch activity on Thursday night and focused in on Elder Durrant's conference talk on Ponderizing.

The elders helping Panyiotis ponderize.

This is the scripture we chose from Mosiah.  Can anybody read it?  It so, you need to head on over here!

Our Branch and District Presidents' way of pondering???

More learning with the Sisters missionaries.

Sister Anahid and Sister Georgia.

Another training via Skype.  There are still some technical difficulties to be worked out but cost wise it sure beats flying over 10+ missionaries to Athens every 4-6 weeks.

Look at this cute little boy that turned up to say hi.  This is Reggie - Brock's little one while they were staying at the cabin in Wildwood, Provo Canyon.  He was just 5 months old when we left.

Our family is doing our Temple Miracle Month this October and had a wonderful miracle come for one of our members here.  It is a young 17 year old girl who basically has been homeless for about a month.  She had been staying with a branch member with no real help in sight.  I mentioned it to the family and asked that her name be put on the prayer rolls in the temples they attended.  Within 3 days she had received some assistance to get her into an apartment with her mother.  The Lord never fails us in His tender mercies and blessings.  How grateful I am to a wonderful family that helped out in a time of need.  #Counting our blessings#Miracles never cease#

Love your way!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Well here we are in another new week.  Last week was really good.  We had FHE and talked about the importance of Conference.  We loved watching conference.  We split the sessions up to two Sundays.  By the second session there aren't many members there except for the missionaries.  We loved watching conference and being spiritually fed.   Each talk was meant just for me I think.

What's your verse???

This couple - the Misches - are from British Columbia. Here on Holiday.  It was great to meet them.

The sisters enjoying a light lunch between sessions.
Look what we found at the grocery store!  Our favorite cookie - devine!!

Teaching English class.

This was a dinner with our Dist. President, mission president (front right) and Elder Matt Mathias, (front left).  Elder Mathias works for the church and lives in France.  He gives classes on self-reliance and such.  Grew up in So. California but now lives in Europe.  Very nice gentleman and glad we have gotten to know him.

Today we went to Pafos to find an apartment for the Wonnacotts coming next week. We found a really nice one with a gorgeous view of the sea plus a pool and jacuzzi.  We told Pres. Heder we would sacrifice and move to Pafos and live there if he needed us to.!?!  I kind of think we are out of luck on that one - but a girl an dream can't she???