Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday, April 10 - Looks like we made it!!  Yes, eighteen months later we are heading home.  It has been an absolutely amazing experience! How grateful we are to have been able to do it together and for all the support we have had from our family and friends.    Couldn't have don't it without the support and love.

Just want to share a last few photos from this past week.  We thought these last few days living in a hotel since the new couple is here, that we wouldn't have much to do.  BUT we were wrong and it has been nice to be busy.

We stopped and had these "pumpkin" chips while were in Nicosia.  They are so delicious!

One last morning sunrise - oh how I will miss this view!!

Our dear landlord - Alecos. What a character but good man.  He offered us a great deal and wants us to buy the flat and stay permanently.  Nice try Alecos!

The three stalwart fisherman that I see every morning. Pretty sure they won't know I'm gone but I will miss seeing them.  Pretty sure they seldom catch anything either.

Watching General Conference in Arabic.  We had rooms translating conference into Greek, Arabic, Romanian and then English.

Elder Kitsell and Daniel at Pot Luck.

Some of the Branch sisters.

Pavlos, Elder Jacobsen and Panyiotis

Pres. Georgieve, Brother Ivanov and Elder Jacobsen

Marcel our most recent convert.

The Larnaca Branch (missing a few)

Georgia and I had a hard time saying goodbye

Sweet sister missionaries - Sis. Bakewell & Sis. Larker

Elder Kitsell

Elder Szevoboda

Sis. Rosie

the Georgieve family which we love and adore.

the Ivanov Family

We watched the Saturday morning session of Conference today.  Although we had already seen it, it still was powerful and moving. I cried through all the songs - I just couldn't believe that this is our last Sunday here and I will not be seeing these sweet, good saints again.  Oh, how I pray that our Heavenly Father will watch over them and send His tender mercies their way.  As much as they need the gospel in their lives, the gospel and the church needs them.

I share my journal entry from Monday, the 11:  

Monday, April 11, 2016  Well, I can’t believe we are at this point in our mission – almost done.  Tomorrow we fly to Athens and then Wednesday morning we fly home!!  So excited and so grateful for this experience.  Many mixed emotions – did I do enough ( NO) did I learn enough (NO)  would I do it again (YES)  Did I love it (YES)  Did I learn a lot (YES)  Am I stronger than before (YES) Do I love my Heavenly Father and Savior more (YES)

There are more Yes's than No's which I am grateful for and is a good thing.

Είθε ο Θεός να σας ευλογεί και να σας κρατήσει.

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