Friday, October 17, 2014


We just got dropped off and received our badges.  We are official now!

Well here we are at the famous 'map.'  

The MTC has been a fabulous experience.  We are amazed at the people in our group - so accomplished, successful, dedicated, humble and eager to serve.  We have doctors, lawyers, firemen, a dairy farmer, teachers, and one old football coach!
 -- you name it we have it in our group (including David Blunck's brother).  They are all so friendly and excited for each other and for the adventures ahead.  We are amazed at some of the places they are heading:  the Congo, Jakarta, South Africa, California, Peru, England, Spain, New Mexico and a lot are staying home as full-time missionaries.  There is a big emphasis on this new program in the church.

This is the building where we are staying.  We thought it was kind of appropriate that we would be staying in the Jacob Hamblin building.  It also houses the bookstore, post office and many other important places so it is very convenient.

The classes have gone well but boy, am I out of my comfort zone.  But I keep telling myself to be brave and bold.  Thank goodness I have such an awesome companion!!!!!  He is the best.

Tomorrow (Friday) is our last day here at the MTC and then we will fly out on Monday, the 20th.  Can't wait to get there and get started.  It is funny when we see other senior couples and they ask where we are going, when we tell them, they always respond:  oh, so you are the ones going to Greece.  Kind of funny.

Last night we went and saw Meet the Mormons.  We loved it.  To see other Mormons around the world, living and doing the same things we do.  They believe what we do and have sacrificed so much for the gospel but are happy and hopeful.

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  1. Very Exciting!! Can't wait to hear more.