Friday, October 3, 2014

Well we had our farewell this past Sunday - talk about stressful!  We were so humbled and touched by all the friends and family who came.  It was so great to visit with so many there.  After the meeting we had a small gathering at the house.

This is my Aunt Joyce and cousin, Sunny Broadbent

Reggie was just tuckered out!

Grandma with some of  her girls:  Mia, Marcie and Meg
The boys were all fascinated with Reggie.

Bill's brother, Bart  and Brock

Bill's brother, Lloyd, and his mother,  LaVerl  &  Bill

My sister,  Marty and her husband, Bob, came.  They were lots of help this weekend.

Bill and his mother, LaVerl - age 94

Our family pic - 2014
As you can tell, Jody hasn't aged!?!?!

We will really miss these cuties!


We are now down to about 10 days left.  Lots to do still but we are so excited to be on our way.

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