Monday, December 8, 2014


Well, December is here and that means Christmas is coming soon.  It is so different this year but good.  We are keeping busy and that helps a lot.  One major thing accomplished this past week is that I found someone to cut my hair.  YEA!  This has been a major concern/worry since before I left.  I found a cute lady from Romania  Her name is Irini and and I was very happy.  What do you think?

Here I am in front of our Greek blue wall.

This is our little Christmas tree.  Found it in the closet.  I might trade it out with the white tinsel tree that is there also. What do you think?

One day while Bill was at the Bank I stopped by this cemetery in downtown Nicosia.  It must be kind of important because most of these people seemed pretty important.  They all have reliefs of the people engraved on them.  None of the women look happy.  The last picture is of all the previous church leaders.

BREAKING NEWS!  Bill just got back from the bank and we are in the banking business starting next week.  YAHOO!  This is major for us. Thanks for everyone's prayers on Bill's behalf.  Life is Good.

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