Sunday, November 30, 2014


This past week was a very busy one but a very good one.  We went to Larnaca to pick up Elder & Sis Manning from the mission office.  Yes, we are still working on the finances but making progress.  We were lucky enough to see the flamingos. They winter here and there are literally thousands of them.  This picture is a little far away and hopefully another time I will get a better one.

We spent the week getting ready for District Conference.  Lots of meetings and preparation.  The conference was great and were all left inspired and motivated.  We had our area authority come, Elder Christopher Charles and his wife.  They are from England but he is Greek by birth and she is Muslim by birth.  They have an amazing conversion story.

On Friday, we had a Thanksgiving dinner for our missionaries.  They are all from the UK but had heard about American Thanksgiving dinners and wanted one - so why not??  Finding a turkey over here is not easy, especially at the last minute.  Next time we will order in advance.  It was fun nevertheless and they loved it.  My favorite part was when we went around the table and each said what were were grateful for - we all really focused on the important things and especially our Savior and His love for us.   

(notice Bill's beverage of choice? Yes, the habit continues)

Our two wonderful sisters:  Sister Hall and Sister Hubey

Elder Deighton

We love these young missionaries and the work they are doing.  Elder Deighton and Sis Hubey came out just 3 weeks before us so we are all still the greenies in the mission.

This is a statue of Markious - ruler here in Cyprus during the mid 1900's.  He was the political and spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox Church and Cyprus.  This statue is in the old city where we love to go and explore.  He was a Greek Cypriat and both loved and disliked by many.

We are waiting to go to another planning meeting.  This next week promises it be another busy one which we like.  Downtimes are hard - we like being busy and tired.  At our conference today we had quite a few investigators which was very encouraging.  WE also had a pot luck afterwards and fed close to 75 people.  All the members bring something and they really put on quite a spread.  I took spicy meatballs that you cook in the crockpot and they have become quite the hit with the missionaries along with Marilyn Roberts' banana cake.  Thanks Marilyn!  We have such a diverse branch membership that you really get a little bit of everything.

The Christmas spirit has started here.  It seems a little surreal to me.  Hopefully we will be able to experience some wonderful traditions and happenings.  love to all.

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