Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 11, 2015

This past week went by so fast - I guess because we were pretty busy.  Lots of meetings and traveling.  We went down to Paphos for a senior couple meeting.   Ate dinner at a restaurant by the sea and near Aphrodite beach.  The weather was very cold so not much sightseeing took place.  WE actually have had our coldest weather yet - in the 30's and very wet.  Who knew they got so much rain here.

We had Zone Conference and interviews on Friday.  We always love those days because of the spiritual learning that takes place.  The highlight of the day was getting to view "Meet the Mormons" at the end  That was released just before we came out and we were the only ones who had seen it.  Again, we loved it.  It was touching to see the impact it had on our missionaries.  Many tears were shed.

As you can see, we are a small mission.  There are all the missionaries on the island of Cyprus  They have they same amount in Greece for a total of about 45 missionaries in all.  The work here is hard and they are all so dedicated.  We know seeds are being planted.  

Elder Jacobsen and Branch President Ivanov.  Doesn't he remind you of Brock's friend, Jared Lee?
Just had to put that one in.

This is Elder Jacobsen and Bro. Roy Panter.  Roy is quite the character.  He is from England and likes to give everybody a hard time.  His heart is in the right place though and always has a story to tell.  He and Bill get along great!

The pictures above are all from Larnaca.  We had time in between dropping off missionaries and picking up new ones  This city is on the coast and is beautiful.  Just and to put the last one in.  Like it says - they will make you a great deal!

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