Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25, 2015

Sorry I missed last week but wanted to get some more pictures.  This past week was good  We spoke down in Paphos which is on the western end of the island.  It is the smallest of the four main cities and had the smallest branch.  They and 17 there on Sunday and we had 3 sisters in RS.  In spite of the small numbers, the members or diligent and the spirit is great.

Here is a picture of where they meet:

Got another hair cut (a little short but it will grow right??).  We helped a member clean and paint his new apartment.  Honestly, the place should be be condemned but he was so grateful for it.  Said it was much much better than his last place.  It is so heartbreaking to see some the conditions these members live under.

We tried our first pizza and it was good or maybe it has just been a long time since we had had pizza!!!

This is our church building in downtown Nicosia.  We meet on the 3rd floor of the Eurobank building.

I came across this bunker on my walk the other morning.  It is left over from the war between Cyprus and Turkey in 1974.  Where we live was a strategic location and there are quite a few of these bunkers still around.  We have been studying a lot about the conflict.  Still strong feelings and no solution.

Also came upon this little fellow built on the side of a residential street.  Kind of strange.

Met this guy in the old city  We went there on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and lots and lots of people where spending the day there.  

We also had numerous teaching appointments fall through, a big audit that isn't complete yet and today we taught a FHE lesson.   It is our first one and went really well.  We hope it helps our branch members as they are truly a little family here.

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