Monday, October 12, 2015

Well here we are in another new week.  Last week was really good.  We had FHE and talked about the importance of Conference.  We loved watching conference.  We split the sessions up to two Sundays.  By the second session there aren't many members there except for the missionaries.  We loved watching conference and being spiritually fed.   Each talk was meant just for me I think.

What's your verse???

This couple - the Misches - are from British Columbia. Here on Holiday.  It was great to meet them.

The sisters enjoying a light lunch between sessions.
Look what we found at the grocery store!  Our favorite cookie - devine!!

Teaching English class.

This was a dinner with our Dist. President, mission president (front right) and Elder Matt Mathias, (front left).  Elder Mathias works for the church and lives in France.  He gives classes on self-reliance and such.  Grew up in So. California but now lives in Europe.  Very nice gentleman and glad we have gotten to know him.

Today we went to Pafos to find an apartment for the Wonnacotts coming next week. We found a really nice one with a gorgeous view of the sea plus a pool and jacuzzi.  We told Pres. Heder we would sacrifice and move to Pafos and live there if he needed us to.!?!  I kind of think we are out of luck on that one - but a girl an dream can't she???

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  1. looks like another great week in the mission field. glad you found the Oreos!