Sunday, October 25, 2015


The Wonnacotts finally arrived.  We are so excited to have them join us.  They look really good for have just finished a 28 hour flight!

We spent the night in Pafos to help the Wonnacotts the next day.  We stayed at the St. George Resort. Fun get-away for us.

St George Church

St George nightclub

We visited an archeological site called Tomb of the Kings. There isn't really any royalty buried there but the tombs are fashioned after those of royalty.  It was fascinating.  We are planning on going back when we have more time and in some P-day clothing.

To think these places are approximately 2000 years old!

Saying goodbye to Sis. Indelicato. She is transferring to Theseloniki.  She is a convert to the church from Italy and speaks 5 languages.  Great missionary!!!

We think that the rainy season has started.  It is strange that since we have now been here for a year that we are experiencing things for the second time around.  The rain has been wonderful  and the cooler temps are nice too.  We hope that it doesn't get too cool too soon.

We are getting ready for District Conference in about a month.  Lots to do but it is always so wonderful to hear from our leaders and to meet with the members.  We now have 4 senior couples on the island and that is fantastic.  We know that it is quite a miraculous thing to have them all here.  We lose one in February and hoping they will have a replacement couple.  Anyone interested?????

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