Sunday, November 1, 2015

It is hard to believe that it is November 1st already.  I think the weather knows it because it has cooled off quite a bit.  Our days are still beautiful but the nights are getting cooler and without daylight savings times it gets dark around 4:30 pm here.  This past week we had a senior couples get together and went over the border into the northern Turkish side of Nicosia.  We had to show our passports and go through a guarded boarder.

We saw lots of older buildings that were damaged in the 1973-74 war.

You can see where this mosque was hit some kind of shell during the fighting.

This map shows the center of the old walled city next to the mosque.

more damage

Stopped for lunch with the group - Wonnacotts, Gortons and Reeves.

I loved the umbrella canopy on this side street.

I know this is a strange picture to share but it tells the story of part of our week.  We woke up Tuesday and had no water.  After some detective work we found out that someone had shut our water off up on the roof of the building.  So 4 hours later we finally had water again.  Then on Thursday our power went out.  Bill would go down to the parking garage and flip it back on and then it would go off again.  We finally realized that every time we turned on the hot water heater it flipped off the electricity.  Have no idea why but tomorrow it is #1 to get taken care of.  BUT when the power went off is blew out our printer (which we had just put new ink cartridges in!!).  We have to do a lot of scanning back and forth with Athens so a printer/scanner is a must.  

Church was really good today.  Our Fast & Testimony meeting was good and we had about 35 members there.  We combined RS and Priesthood and showed Pres. Ucthdorf's talk from the Women's session of conference.  Everyone really liked it - such a good message.

We have a good week planned ahead and a busy one which we like.  Hope you all had a fun Halloween.  They really don't celebrate it here.  And since it is November we are thinking Thanksgiving but they don't do that either.  I guess we will have to wait for Christmas which they are getting ready for already.

Love to all!!

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