Monday, January 18, 2016

January 17  -  Today we went to Limasos to speak in church.  I can honestly say that the speaking part has gotten easier for me.  I no longer hyperventilate before I speak.  We speak every month in one of the branches and love meeting with the other members here.  I would love to think that this will continue when I get home (the part about it being easier not speaking every month!) but I know that there is a big difference between speaking to 15 people in a branch and 150+ in a ward!

Last week they had a YSA activity so we drove 3 young ladies from our branch to Nicosia.  The group was small but they had a great time being taught and then having fun.  The had a "spoons" tournament which was super.

The champions - Elder Bramley and Alex.

This is a very short post.  Probably should have just waited to next week but oh, well.  The flamingos have returned but we haven't been able to get a decent picture of them.   That will be our quest this week.  We have transfers on Tuesday, a couples meeting, some training on Saturday, a baptism on Saturday + the regular missionary things to do.  

We will be saying good bye to Elder Potter.  He is transferring to Nicosia.  We will miss him dearly.  He is from Missouri/Arizona.  He loves sports and was always asking Bill how the teams back home are doing.  A big baseball fan but also a fantastic missionary!!!

Here he is with Marcello who will be baptized on Saturday!!

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