Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 4-10 - good week, but then they are pretty much all good weeks, right?!?  It started off with FHE with the missionaries and the branch mission leaders and an investigator - Marcello.  IT was fun and Sis. Lutzinger was the winner.

Look what came in the mail this week - These awesome pillowcases from our ward.  It was so fun to read the names and messages written.  Made us a little homesick and missing such dear friends.  

This is one of the roundabouts with Christmas decorations.  The decorations will probably be there for another month or so.

Two former missionaries, Elders Boyce & Smith, came for a visit from England.  It was great to see them and hear how they are doing.  Both are very busy with ward callings and schooling.  We are so proud of them.

Sis. Georgia teaching us Greek.

Elder Potter with Marcello.  Marcello has a baptism date of the 23rd.  He is from Romania.s  Not sure he wants to be baptized in the sea because of the cold.  The missionaries are trying to talk him into it because otherwise we will all have to go to Nicosia and that would eliminate most of the branch from attending. We only have 3 cars in the branch so it would be hard to get people there.

with Elder Boyce.  Elder Boyce was in our very first area in Nicosia.  A convert to the church and a fantastic young man.

The elders just love to do selfies whenever they get someone's iPad!  
Elders Potter, Smith & Deighton.  They always have smiles on their faces which makes everyone around them happy too.

We had FHE with the Branch and talked about starting the new year and goals.  We also taught about Patriarchal Blessings.  There is no Patriarch near so very few have had their blessings.  It will be such a good thing for them if we can arrange it.  We are still working with Panyiotis and Georgia to go to the temple.  Hopefully they will be able to before we leave.  They are so loved by the missionaries here (many of which are from England) so when they attend the Preston Temple they will be surrounded by a lot of people who love and support them.  It will be a great day!

Many of you know that I choose a new word each year.  I thought I had one already for the year but have been impressed to change it to this:  

See the good - be the good!

Sound familiar?  I know, I totally stole it from KBYU but I love it and it reminds me to look for the positive and be the positive.  Wish me luck!!

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