Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday, February 14th - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone!!  Hope you all had a great day!  We did - got to go to church and have pot luck.  Pot luck is a big deal here.  We usually have our best attendance that day and the members really go all out with bringing food to share with everyone.  They stay and stay and visit and visit.

This is couple here on holiday from England.  The cool thing is that he served a mission to Italy 30 years ago and served in the area where one of our new sisters is from.  They new a lot of the same people.  Also, he knew the family of Elder Kitsell, one of our elders here.

The Brethren enjoying the meal.

Sis. Natalie - she is one of our two senior primary girls.  She is Cypriot and a sweetheart.

Elder Kittsell from England stayed and we received Elder Sveboda from Sweden.   Two great missionaries.  Elder Sveboda has lived all over the world - most recently Cambodia. Speaks 5-6 languages and a great missionary.

We get to keep Sis. Lehman and welcomed Sister Bakewell (England) and Sis. Lacher (Italy).  We are blessed to have a trio of Sisters with us for the next 6-12 weeks.  They are the only sister missionaries on the entire island.

Posing after Potluck.

We are excited to have these new missionaries along with the great ones that are staying with us.  The work will continue on without missing a beat.  Again, we are so impressed with the young missionaries serving in the church these days.  They are strong, committed and devoted.  Their testimonies are awesome and they love the Lord!

Thought from Relief Society today:  

He who sends the storms - will also steer the vessel.

Very comforting!

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