Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28, 2016 -   It has been a fast two weeks.  I couldn't upload any pictures last week because our computer was maxed out on memory.  Luckily we were able to figure out what we could delete and I think we are business again.  Oh my - where to begin.

We had a great couples outing and went over to the north Turkish side.  We have actually been to these sites before but two of the couples are newer and hadn't.  It is always fascinating to see them again.  We went to Barnabus' tomb and to Salamis.

Warning:  Picture overload!

The pillar/post on this picture supposedly was brought over from Jerusalem in the 1st century.

Children's toys - 600-800 BC

I am always amazed when I seen writings right there in the middle of a road.

The mission got new cars - WAHOO!!  They are Nisson Notes and much bigger (I know they don't look it but take our word for it and nicer,)

One of about 6 trips to the airport this week.

We thought this was a field of coating but they are really snails.

An old Turkish fort on the North Side.

This old church looks like it belongs in Europe.

Not the best picture but we had two baptism in Pafos which is awesome.  A older gentleman whose wife has been waiting for years for this day.

Ladies night at the seaside while the men were in meetings.


It was a busy two weeks but a good two weeks.  We love being busy!  The weather is definitely warming up and it is fun to remember last year at this time and to realize that we have been here this long.  What an adventure it has been.

Our little branch is doing good.  Hopefully some baptisms are on the way.  The missionaries are working so hard and are so diligent.  

Have a great week!

Everyday we are blessed with a sunrise we did not ask for.   Remember to say, "Thank you"...

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