Sunday, February 1, 2015

Visa Victory

It's official - we are now legal 'visitors' on the island of Cyprus.  It was a long, frustrating process but it finally happened.  The Church had an attorney accompany us on our 6th visit to Immigration this past week.  Usually you never get to see the same official twice but just our luck we did get the same lady who turned us away last time = and she wasn't too thrilled to see us again.  And,  like before, she rejected us.  But, the attorney earned his pay and took us aside and told us to wait while he went and talked to the supervisor.  The big glitch was that the insurance letter didn't list the coverage in 'bullet' form.  It was in paragraphs.  Once he pointed out that all the required coverage was there, she signed off and we got our pictures taken and we were out of there!!!  Such a good thing and a huge relief.  We are grateful for the Church for looking after us and helping us so much.

WE had two great teaching appointments this week.  The first one was with a young man named Andrew.  He is from Kenya, living here with his family and attending the university studying sports medicine and performance.  The lessons have gone well and we are praying that he will accept the gospel.

Elder Dickson, Andrew, Elder Velasqez, Elder Jacobsen

Yesterday we met with the sisters and a family from Bulgaria.  They have lived here for about 5 years and have two adorable little boys.  They are eager to learn.  They are very religious but looking for something more than what they have.  They want to be taught in Bulgarian so we are trying to find people who can help with that.  

WE understand there is a big game going on are home today.  Funny how it is so removed from us here.  I really couldn't even tell you who is playing - Bill probably can though.  We are grateful for the focus we have in our lives right now and for the guidance and direction we receive each day.  How you all have a great week - we will.

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