Monday, February 23, 2015


This past week on P-day we took the missionaries down to the coastal city of Pissori.  It is so quaint and makes you feel like you are in central Europe with water.

This is the city's church.  UP on a hill with a gorgeous view.

Here is the coast.  The water colors are amazing!

The famous Aproditi's rock.  Legend has it that if you swim around it 8 times you will find your true love.  Very popular spot during the warmer weather.

This is coming out of the tunnel under the road to get to the shore.

This is just a fun find.  I love the "Toot and Puddle" books - and look - I found one in Greek!

Another random find - Aborio Rice.  I love this rice and at home pay about $5-6 for a 2 pound bag.  Found this the store for 2 Euros which is about $2.25.  Bought some and came right home and made some tasty rice pudding.

Today's church meetings were very good.  Had some new investigators and one returning one. Thanks to everyone for your prayers - they are helping!!  We had FHE after the pot luck and showed Meet the Mormons.  Of course, everyone loved it and I cried again!

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