Saturday, March 28, 2015


This week found us doing a LOT of traveling.  We are in the process of closing down some apartments and that falls under Elder Jacobsen's duties.  Went to Pafos twice and Larnaca twice.  On one of our trips back we took the scenic route.  It was beautiful.

Found these babies at the grocery store and was in heaven.  Bought two little bags and came home and inhaled one immediately.  Thank goodness Bill doesn't like them.  One of my guilty pleasures at Easter time.

This is just a random shot of a cashier at the store.  All the cashiers sit at their registers here.

Well, if you hug a sick sister missionary ... you are going to get sick yourself.
Yup it hit us hard Thursday night.  We have been grounded since.  It hit Elder Jacobsen much harder and it is hard for me to see him suffer so.  WE have been homebound and going a little stir crazy.

Here's hoping you all have a great week and a Happy Easter!  Easter here is a bigger deal then Christmas.  Stores close for 4 days so we have to stock up on essentials.  

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