Sunday, March 22, 2015

Well, there was a lot going on this weekend.  The best news of all is that our branch had a baptism last Saturday.  'Cherry' Bing Bing Zhou was baptized.  She is from China and is here attending school working on her MBA.  She is such a sweetheart and accepted the gospel immediately.

We went to the city of Paphos to do some mission business.  We really like this small town and plan on going back when the weather warms up.  It is a popular tourist site.

This church was built in the 400's and is still used today.  It is in the old town square.  Elder Jacobsen is in mission clothes because he was on official business.  Sis. Jacobsen is not.

Elder Jacobsen in his 'work' clothes.

WE got 5 new missionaries in Nicosia this week.  Below are Elder Svoboda from Hungary and Elder Dixon transferred up from Pafos.  They are enjoying the potluck after meeting today.

Sis. Indelicato from Italy, Sis. McKenna from Ireland and Sis. Bakewell from England  
Sis. Indelicato is a recent convert.  Has been a member for two years.  We have known Sis. McKenna since we came  - outstanding - and Sis. Bakewell is fairly new to the mission.

They are all outstanding missionaries and we are so lucky to have them serve here.  WE are sad that we will be transferring to Larnaca in 3 weeks but there are awesome missionaries there too!  We are excited to do the Lord's work in that area.  

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