Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kollisol Castle

This past week we had a zone outing with all the missionaries.  We went to a castle, Kollisol Castle down by Limassol.  It was originally built the 400's destroyed and then rebuilt in 1467.  We were amazed at the condition it is still in.

SisVallez, Sis Bingham, & Sis Birch (whose cousin is serving with Chandler Day in Australia)

inside on one of the four floors

A mosiac on the wall.

On the drawbridge.

outside this was probably part of the moat

The coat of arms

The sugar factory

This was originally a monastery but is now a Greek Orthodox church.   They have lots of these smaller churches throughout the area.  They are still actively used.

We then went back to the church and had a yummy lunch. The weather was stormy and quite cool but the missionaries didn't care - they just love being together.  They spent an hour trying to skip rocks on the sea.  As far as the work is going - it is a challenge.  We do feel that the Nicosia branch is getting stronger though.  Today we had 31 present at sacrament meeting.  They called a new RS presidency that is going to be really good.  The president has only been a member for 10 months but she knows the gospel and is very compassionate and a stable member of the branch.  We are hoping for good things from our investigators too.  You really do get your hopes up with each one of them.  WE have a big transfer next month and I know the elders and sisters are all hoping to have a baptism before the leave.  We lose 5 and gain 3.  We are getting two more elders from the US soon though.

First of the month so Elder Jacobsen will be busy paying bills and doing the bank account.  He is getting really good at it and it balances every time!!

love to all

Elder & Sister Jacobsen


  1. looks like a fun day. can't wait to see where you visit next.

  2. Hi Jacobsens! Glad I finally got the hang of this blogging thing! So happy to see you're doing well and keeping busy and seeing some of the sites of that beautiful area of the world. We are proud of our 4th Ward missionaries! Thank you for your examples of service and sacrifice!