Sunday, May 3, 2015

Another great week.   We got to go shopping and buy some new mattresses for the sisters and one for us.  Went to IKEA in Nicosia which is always a treat.  We took the sisters and bought them lunch which they were thrilled about and added to their big adventure to the city.

We had a branch missionary activity which went well.  This was the first one here in Larnaca and everyone enjoyed it.  This coming week will be holding a Branch FHE.  Very few of our members have family here so the branch basically becomes their family.  It will be a fun thing to do and offer to the members.

This is Alex Ivonoff - her father is the branch President.  She is darling and very active.

We had two days of training with Bro. Medler from Albania.  He works with the Seminary & Institute programs (CES) and came to Cyprus to teach us.  He joined the church 20 years ago, served a mission in Seattle and attended Utah State and is getting his doctorate this summer from George Washington University.  He married a girl from the states and is now a stake president and a wonderful teacher.

Sitting by the pool waiting for the baptism.

A brother and sister were baptized.  The parents have been inactive but we are all hoping this gets them coming again.

The sister missionaries who taught the lessons:  Sis's McKenna, Indelgato and Bakewell.

One of our missionaries:  Elder Peel from England.  A fantastic missionary plus a really funny guy!

Just getting some study time in early in the morning.

Our days are filled with good things.  Today in Relief Society there wasn't a teacher so we each just bore testimony of Relief Society.  These dear sweet sisters are so humble and so loving.  They each have a story that is so different than what we know back home.  We even had some sisters visiting from Germany who participated without even being able to speak the language yet we all felt the spirit and the love they shared.  Just goes to show that the gospel is worldwide and that we can access it wherever we are and we will be welcomed and loved.

kalespera- good evening!

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