Sunday, May 10, 2015

Where did this week go????   I can't believe it is Sunday already again.  We started the week by making multiple trips to Nicosia to complete the move - I know you are tired of hearing about it - we are tired of doing it.  Almost there.

We were invited to go to lunch at a member of the Nicosia Branch.  His name is Aryia and he is from Iran.  He desperately wants to go to the United States but a short stint in Syria has pretty much closed that door.  Very humble and a great branch member.  He fixed us a traditional Iranian dinner of meat, beans and rice.

This is after FHE.

The missionaries:  Elders Mead & Tornor and Brother Pantayotis.  Always smiling.

Sister Lynne - our new RS president

Sis Fadimah - she has serious health problems but comes every week and always to willing to help.

Our cute sister missionaries:  Mueller and Dealy.  They borrowed our IPAD for Young Womens and this is just one of the 25 selfies they took.  They are so fun and such hard working sisters.

The Young Women having a lesson with the sister missionaries.

Tomorrow we head back to Nicosia again - Immigration called and we have to go up and verify our finances - can you believe it???? We thought that was all behind us!!!  Wish us luck and a prayer or two wouldn't hurt.  Thanks!!

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