Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well this week certainly was an interesting one.  We started out on Monday taking the elders and sisters to the Camel Park.  It is a small venue about 20 miles away that has approximately 50 camels and some other zoo type animals.  They all loved it and loved being together.  The weather was a little cooler which made it nice.  BUT before we got there we had to run to Nicosia to again to talk to Immigration about our visas - and then on the way back we had a tire blow out.  Not fun trying to change a tire with very limited room and in nice slacks and a shirt and tie on.

But we survived and headed on to see the camels.  Oh my, the sisters were so excited.  They also had some tortoises, a baby goats, ponies and fish.    Quite the assortment of animals!

They got to take a short ride around the park.  As they were heading our, Elder Tornar, raised his arm and yelled:  I fell like Nephi - onto to Jersalem!!  Quite the character he is.

All in all a good time was had.   We topped it off with lunch at McDonald's of course.  The missionaries just love being together no matter where or when.

This weekend we had district conference which is just like stake conference back home.  Both of us had to do leadership training on Saturday and Bill also spoke at the adult session.  It is the last conference before our mission president and his wife head home in July.  We will miss them!!  

In spite of our membership being quite small, the conferences we have attended have been wonderful.  Such a strong spirit and dedication from the members.  WE both came away very humbled to be serving here for the Lord.  Our love and prayers are for the members and missionaries to stay valiant and dedicated to the work and the gospel.

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