Sunday, June 21, 2015

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!   Yes, it is Father's day here in Cyprus even though they have never heard of it.  For us it will really just be another Sunday of speaking in church, meetings, and some missionary work down at the seaside.  We are going to do some whiteboarding (setting up a whiteboard with some info on it and trying to get people to stop and talk).  We are really hoping that the police don't come and make us stop.  Will let you know later how that goes.

Here is a pic of Elder Jacobsen coming out of one of our favorite places:  Zorpas.  It is a chain of bakeries that are very popular in Cyprus.  There are a lot of them around along with a lot of other bakeries.  They eat a lot of bread here.  It's freshness doesn't last very long but it is very good - they also have good prices on pop and stay open 24-7.

We spoke at the Limasos branch today and then had lunch with the other senior couple, the Binghams.   Homemade enchiladas - YUM!  They had this mimosa tree out in front of their apartment.  It was brilliant orange just like the ones at home that are pink - made us a little homesick.

There was a big sand volleyball tournament here over the weekend.  Kind of fun to watch although not very good volleyball.

This is a betting store. Big business here in Cyprus.  There are probably 1-2 of these stores on every block downtown.   They are open 24-7 and always busy.

The work continues.  Our missionaries are fantastic and they never complain  -- just continue to go out and look for new investigators.  We Love Them!!!  This week they taught a gentleman from Italy.  Thank goodness Sis. Indelicato is Italian.  He is very Catholic and unlikely to change but was very nice and said the sisters could come back again.  

I know I look pretty frumpy here - but what ya going to do????

Sunday night we took the missionaries down to the seaside to whiteboard.  They really liked it and gave out a lot of books and got quite a few phone numbers. Keep your fingers crossed that some good things come from it.  We will definitely do it again.  The elders were famished when we were done so we brought them home and fixed them waffles -  they loved them but then again they were very, very hungry.  All in all a good week.  WE are gearing up for the next one.  Pres. Freestone is coming for his last visit - it will be hard to say good bye.  He has been amazing and taught us so much.  He served here with his wife as a senior couple then got called as the president.  They have been gone for 4 years - WOW.  We are so grateful for his service and devotion.  

His favorite thing that he always asks the missionaries is:

What are you going to do when you get home?  -  SERVE THE LORD!
What are you going to do for the rest of your life  -  SERVE THE LORD!

I love this.  I say it to myself often and when I do, nothing seems too hard.

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