Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Well this was a really busy week but few pictures to show.  The good news is that all the bikes worked well and none needed fixing - a big step in the right direction.  The biggest event of the week was that we had transfers on Thursday.  I'm not sure we've mentioned that when we have transfers in our mission everyone, and I mean everyone, gets transferred.  The whole mission is whitewashed as the missionaries say.   Since our mission is fairly small it is like a party because we pretty much all meet at the airport to pick up and sent out the transfers.  They have so much fun catching up and visiting with each other.  Sometime it is hard to get on our way.

We were sad to see Sisters Deeley and Mueller leave us but were excited to get Sisters Indelicato and Linekar.  Sis Linekar is brand spanking new from the Preston MTC.  She is from England and a little shell shocked.  She kept mentioning how warm it was and I was thinking - you aint' seen nothing yet sister!  I'm glad that there is now someone else struggling with the Greek language but I know that it won't be long before she is speaking like a native.  We are glad she is here with us.

We lost Elders Tornor and Mead and picked up Elders Teal and Dixon, both from England.  How grateful we are to the English for supplying us with such wonderful missionaries.  They hit the ground running and have some great plans for our area.

Lots of cancelled teaching appointments this week but we are all hopeful for the coming week.

Went to church today and there was a young lady from the States who works for BYU in the English department.  She is on her way to Israel and ended up in Cyprus for the weekend.  Such a fun visit we  had.  It was Pot Luck Sunday and she stayed and pitched right in serving and cleaning up.  She mentioned how wonderful it is that wherever you go in the world the church is the same you and you always feel right at home.

Found a great fish & chips place here in Larnaka.  We will be going back often I'm sure.

Today we had our first district meeting with our new missionaries - very impressive.  They have some great ideas to try to 'hasten' the work.  Here they are:

Sister Linekar from England and Sister Indelicato from Italy

Elder Teal from England and Elder Dixon also from England 

Looking forward to great things.

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