Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday morning:

Today is a wonderful day - the sun is shining and we had our walk at the seaside.  We are looking forward to this week:  a new month, payday, a new president, missionary lessons, talk preparations, Sunday lessons to prepare, etc.  The month of July will mark the halfway point of our mission - hard to believe isn't it???  It has really gone by fast and the next few months promise to do the same.  There is still so much we want to do and accomplish.

We took the sisters out to a nearby city to do some contacting and saw this herd of goats making their way down the road.

This day we went to visit a sister in the city of Agia Napa which is a tourist community.  During the months of November through April it is pretty much a ghost town but once the good weather comes it is booming.  This is one of the coastal areas that is very popular.    Sis. Miriam is from the Philipines and her service contract is over in September.  She has been here for 8 years.  We are so excited for her to be going home to her family.  

 The colorful boat you see is truly a PARTY boat in all ways.  The music was blasting and I know they were way over the 'person' limit.  People just kept getting on and on.  In the top picture you can maybe see the big black boat that is decorated to be a pirate boat - another party boat.

This was one of the small seaside places that people and families can come to spend the day. So incredibly beautiful.  This little lagoon was only about waist deep and perfect for young and old.  There is almost always a nice breeze blowing to keep things a little cooler.

WE always find a chapel when we go sightseeing.  We loved this one because of its blue roof. It is up on a hill overlooking the sea.

OKay, I know this is kind of lame but I had to celebrate that I actually cooked a whole meal.  It doesn't happen very often!  WE usually just grab something on the way home or fix something fast and easy.  I actually tried making the cauliflower rice that everyone is talking about.   Not too bad (I liked it better than Bill did).

We are doing great.  We have learned so much over the past 9 months and yet we know there is still so much to learn.  How grateful we are for this opportunity and adventure.  I sometimes wonder how we will adjust when we get home - our schedule is so different than what we knew and who knows what the future will hold.  But that is what makes life great isn't it?  You can experience new things and learn and grow and share and serve.  So grateful for the Lord's tender mercies which we see every day here and know are happening at home.  He truly does listen to and answer prayers.  His plan is a perfect one that we each must try to live and help others along the way.

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