Sunday, July 5, 2015

The past week was great but we don't have a lot of pictures to show for it.  Probably the highlight of the week was meeting our new Mission President - Pres. Heder and his family.  He has brought his two teenage daughters with him and the whole family is delightful.

The Heders are originally from SLC but currently live in Pleasanst Grove, UT. He is an attorney which may come in handy during his time in Greece.  They have 4 other children, all boys.  The two oldest are married and away at graduate schools, Austin Heder is playing football at BYU and Brooks  Heder gets off his mission to Mexico in two weeks and will come here for a month before going back home and attend BYU.  We feel blessed to have them in our mission and look forward to wonderful times ahead.

We had a little 'meet and greet' at the chapel when they flew in prior to meeting with all the missionaries on the island.  I picked up some flowers to brighten the room (Bill couldn't understand why) but they were lovely (at least I thought so).  The poor family was functioning on very little sleep, jet lag and pure culture shock.   They were heading on the next day to do the same thing in northern Greece, Thessoliniki.  I'm sure by the time Sunday came around they were all exhausted.

The sister missionaries kidnapped my phone again but they always leave such sweet selfies =

These two sisters go home in August and will be dearly missed.  They are working hard right up to the end and chances are very good they will have multiple baptisms before they leave.  I hope I didn't just jinx them!?!?!

Whiteboarding down at the seaside.

Sis. Indelicatro and Panyiotis passing out cards.

Elder Jacobsen and Sis. Linekar


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