Sunday, July 26, 2015


Yes, it's true but let me back up to the first of the week.  I'm not sure I posted pictures of this momentous occasion but we FINALLY got our official visas.  It has only take 9 months and numerous trips back and forth to Nicosia and a little legal help, but the visas came.  And guess what?? we get to renew them in 3 months!!!.    Crazy how the system works here but we are grateful to have them.

Every morning when I go down to the seaside I meet this cute lady and we walk together.  Her name is Comfort.  She is originally from Nigeria but came to Cyprus from England.  She was a midwife for 30 years and now lives here with her daughter and grandson.  She is so friendly and fun to talk with.

I'm just learning her amazing story.


On Friday we went to Limassol on mission business and had lunch with our good friends the Binghams.  They go home next month and we will truly miss them.  Limassol is quite the tourist port and they are reconstructing their marina. 

This past Saturday we had a baptism for the Larnaca branch.  His name is Pavlos.  He is Cypriot with two little children.  He is so humble and we are so excited to have him in the gospel and in our branch.  He was baptized in the Mediterranean Sea.  It is quite a historical moment because as far as we know it is the first time a Cypriot has baptized another Cypriot.  So glad we were part of it.  Thanks so much for all your prayers and fasting.  I know they played a big part in this!

Elder Dixon, Elder Teal, Pavlos & Pantyotis

Walking out.  The extra fellow is an investigator that wanted to really see what was happening  WE are hoping he is next.

Pavlos was confirmed in Sacrament meeting today and looked to happy!

The Lord has truly blessed us and answered prayers.  Sometimes He  makes us wait and work a little harder but that only makes the answers that much sweeter and that more appreciated.

Have a great week coming up and as someone dear to me said:  LOVE YOUR WAY!!


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