Sunday, August 2, 2015

Great Week!  This has been an amazing week.  We started out with zone conference here in Larnaka with a visiting authority, Elder Dykes, from the area presidency.  Fantastic is all I can say.  He and his wife taught us so very much.  His emphasis was on "applying" what we learn.  How we will apply what we learn on Sunday to the rest of our week?  How will we 'apply' what we read in the scriptures to the rest of our life?  How can we 'apply' living and sharing the gospel with those we meet?  Much food for thought.  He also stressed the importance of attending Sacrament Meeting.  There is a real emphases being placed on church attendance, especially Sacrament meeting and I can see why.  This is were we re-covenant and start new for the week.  It is were we make amends with the Lord and repent.  We thank Him for the blessings and tender mercies He has given us.  He also mentioned the common phrase:  I can or we can do 'hard' things.  He tweaked it a little to say:  Choose to do hard things.   It teaches me that I need to be willing to do before I'm asked not just do when I am asked.  Choose to take the more difficult road or path or choice.  I think that separates true believers and followers from the rest of us.  This will take a lot of courage and time to perfect, if ever.

Elder Dykes

President Heder 

Our Sacrament meeting today felt like the United Nations and we had a whopping 53 in attendance - almost a record (56).  We had to keep setting up chairs and finding more hymn books.  It was wonderful to have so many there.  Even with the confusion and little ones running around, it was great.  We had a family of 5 from Bulgaria come and stay the entire time.  They are coming to English class this week and said they really like the feeling in our church.

Below is a picture of Pres. Jacobsen's Sunday School class.  He had some Philippino sailors come.  They loved the meetings and stayed for the entire block.  One of them actually has a brother who is a member.  They were only here for this week but gave all their information so the elders can forward it on to the missionaries where they live.  They all said they wanted to hear more.  :)

Elder Lyttle (left) goes home tomorrow to Scotland.  Great Missionary.  Also pictured are Pres. Bingham and Elder Dastrup

Same group but with Sis. Bingham.

Went to a fun art exhibit entitle: A Sack of Clay.
Very interesting.

Just thought I'd throw this picture in of an egg on toast.  Have you ever seen a yolk that golden?  The picture really doesn't do it justice. Trust me - the brightest yolk ever!

Hope you all had a great weekend and that the week ahead is good.  Think of someone to share the gospel with - even if it is yourself!

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