Sunday, August 9, 2015

GOODBYE!  This was a sad week as we said goodbye to 3 sister missionaries and one senior couple.  It will be very strange not have them here since they were here before we were and we have loved seeing and working with them.
Elder & Sis. Malzel are on the far right. They are from Austria.

Sisters Mueller, Deeley and McKenna are heading home to new lives.  They are special sisters that we have grown to love.  They say they will come visit us in Utah and we are hoping they will.

We had a fun zone outing and went up to the Troodos mountains to some cooler weather.  We visited a couple of monasteries there.  One has been there since the 700's.  

We hiked up to a couple of waterfalls which were beautiful.  Not quite Bridal Veil Falls, but nice just the same..

Said goodbye to this wonderful family from Tazmania.  I think I've mentioned them before.  Bro. Rogers served here 20 years ago and brought his family here for a 4-month vacation.  They added so much to the branch and the missionary work while they were here.  They will be greatly missed.  They not only visited but worked and served each Sunday they were here by teaching Sunday School, Primary and Priesthood lessons.

Attended the wedding of Rosalie & Stephen.  Rosalie lives and works here and Stephen just moved here from England.  It will be good to have another 'family' here on the island.

Today, Sunday, we got to go visit Jacob across the boarder on the Turkey side of Nicosia.  Once again, we were so impressed with this young man.  It was the Bingham's last time as they go home on Monday, the 17th.  Very emotional as they have been seeing him monthly for 18 months.  He is going to try to make it over for General Conference in October and luckily the Binghams will be there to help him with everything.  Someday we expect him to be in a leadership position in Nigeria or someplace - he is just that kind of person!

Hope everyone is well and doing good.


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