Monday, August 31, 2015

This week was a pretty calm week - hence the lack of pictures.  As I look back at my planner (yes I have to keep one to make sure I'm where I need to be - doesn't always work though!), We went to the airport three times, to Nicosia twice, to Limisos once and lots of meetings in between.  We like to stay busy and so it was a good week.

We had transfers and lost Sis. Linekar and picked up Sis. Loydsinger (phonetic spelling) from the German part of Switzerland.  She is brand new but her Greek is very good.  She is going to be a good missionary :)

Here she is helping to clean up after planning meeting.

We also had a zone meeting to train the missionaries on how to take care of their bikes.  There had been a lot of abuse and lack of responsibility concerning bikes.  You know from previous posts how much time and effort Elder Jacobsen spend on those bikes!!  From now on the missionaries are responsible to take care and fix their own bikes (within reason).  They all met with Pres. Heder (an avid biker) and he demonstrated how to change and fix flat tires, fix and lube the chain and many other bike related issues.  They are now armed with portable pumps and tire repair kits and the skills to make it happen - we will see.

We are busy getting ready for our big Family Search Fireside this Thursday, Sept. 3.  We are very excited and hope for a good turnout - more on that next week.

Today I am working on my English lesson for this week.  Our new primary president speaks very little English and the manuals and training we can get is all in English. I'm going to have the class learn the first lesson in the Primary 1 manual.  Hopefully it will help her and them with some gospel basics.  How blesses we are back home to have everything at our fingertips plus more.  I have come to realize how much I have to be grateful for and that it is the simple, little things that I take for granted.  As I sit in our planning meetings, which are done all in Greek, I get a glimpse of what it is like for new members/investigators to attend meetings and not know the language.  I so appreciate their dedication and commitment to keep coming.

The following pictures are from our planning meeting:

This is Panyiotis & Georgia - our Branch Mission Leaders.  They are also in our Temple Prep class planning to go in October/November.

Since I don't understand the discussion, I usually reading a lesson or the scriptures.  Here I studying  Daughers in my Kingdom.  Quite often I am trying to stay awake - it is mid afternoon and they always feed us a delicious meal right before the meeting.  Can't tell in this picture if my eyes are open or closed - probably closed!

Love to all - have a great week.

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