Sunday, September 6, 2015

This past week was wonderful, mainly because of this:

My brother and sister-in-law, Dennis & Linda, came to Cyprus to do a fireside on family history with their connection to Family Search.  Dennis retires on Oct. 1st so we are so glad this was happened.  He has done an amazing job and will be gently missed.  They were on their way to Israel so we invited them to stop over.  And they did!!  It was fantastic and the members here were so appreciative and loved the whole evening.  We hope it lit a fire in them to want to do their family history.  It will be a challenge for some because they come from where there are little if any records kept or they are so far from family and have little or no contact.

Here is I am with Sis. Reeves.  We served with the Reeves in Nicosia.

Dennis connected with Elder Dastrup from Chicago.  Dennis served with his grandfather in New Zealand 45+ years ago - I know, small world right?

The night before the fireside with Dallas & Addie. It was so special to see family here and that they would take the time to come see us!

Not sure when Bill snapped this picture - some early morning scripture reading?

What do you do on a Saturday night?  Football, of course.  We actually had to settle for watching a game from last year off the internet (no cable) but enjoyed it.   This was BYU-Texas.  We were excited to wake up Sunday morning to learn that BYU beat Nebraska.  Go Cougs! plus Notre Dame won - it is a good day in the neighborhood.

Such a fun week.  Now back to the real world :)  Life is good!

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