Sunday, September 20, 2015


This has been such an amazing week.  Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and the extremely hard work of our missionaries, we had two (2) baptisms on Saturday night.  This was a great thing that everyone has waited for.  The two individuals were Edward from Egypt and Robin from Pakistan.  Both were found by a member here - Lucy.  Lucy is great at bringing in people to the chapel and then letting the missionaries take it from there.

Edward didn't speak any English a first so we had to teach him English first so that he could have the missionary lessons.  WE have a lot of people who speak different languages but Arabic isn't one of them.  Fortunately there is a member in Nicosia from Iran that was able to communicate some with him.  Edward just kept coming to church because he loved how he felt there.  The spirit had definitely touched him.  When he showed up Saturday night in new slacks, white shirt and tie I wanted to cry. Such a humble, sweet man!

Robin was found by one of our Young Adults.  He works in a bakery and is very humble also.  He would like to serve a mission some day.  He works all night Saturday nights and still comes to church at 10:00.

Our audience that day.

Pavlous, Robin, Elder Teal, Elder Dixon, Edward, Panyiotis

Robin on the left and Edward on the right.  Such a great day!

We had training via 'FaceTime' with Athens this week.  It was our first time trying it and it went pretty well.  Just a few tech bugs to work out.  This will save numerous airplane trips back and forth to Athens. Modern technology is amazing!

Went to Limasos during the week and had a chance to walk down by the sea.  I was walking along when a young lady saw my badge and came over to talk.  This was the first time that had happened on my mission!!  She was on holiday here from Russia.  She is taking English classes back there and really likes the missionaries.  We talked for a while and exchanged info.  Her name is Kataline and she works in a library.  It was so exciting to visit with her.  I'm a terrible missionary because I didn't have a Book of Mormon with me but I'm hoping whoever is teaching her English will give her one  I told her the CHURCH IS TRUE and to go back and meet with the missionaries.

I also came across this Rotary International sign. They had donated a lot of equipment for down along the seaside.  Rotary is close to my heart because my father spent many many years serving in it.  It was fun to see the sign and know the organization is still doing good worldwide.  Definitely not a flattering picture but I wanted to you to see Kataline - isn't she cute!!

Looking forward to another good week.  Tomorrow we are going to Pafos to try to find an apartment for a new senior couple coming in October.  They are the Wonnacotts from St. George.  I know, small world that we would have two couples from southern Utah.  It will be great to have them here and to have another senior couple to help with the work.

It is always good to wrap things up Sunday night and to reflect on the past week.  I am amazed at all the good things that are happening.  We see the Lord's hand everywhere in the work and are humbled to be a part of it.

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