Sunday, September 13, 2015

Each week I marvel that I there is so much to share.  I think that we haven't taken any photos and then I'm always surprised to see that yes, we have.  This big news past week is the horrible dust storm that blanketed the island of Cyprus all week.  It rolled in Monday morning from Syria.  It was practically what you would call white-out conditions at times.  We definitely spent a lot of time inside.  The missionaries were advised to stay inside also or to wear masks if they went out.  The dust was everywhere!!!

outside our apartment

This is what the sun looked like  all week.

The car washes will be busy this week.  Today (Sunday) was the first day that we have seen the sun.  Hopefully the dust is gone for good!!

This board is from one of our Greek lessons - and no, I can not speak it!

The young man is Robin, should be getting baptized next week.  The character in the middle is our Branch Mission Leader, Panyiotis.

At the sea early in the morning with Comfort and David, two new friends.

Couldn't resist this picture.  Reminds us of El Azteca in Provo. Who knew it was a chain.

This two cute people are used by the sisters when they do role plays in their companion studies in the morning.  Do you recognize the Queen???

Busy day today.  We are starting our Seminary year and  hope it goes smoothly.  We are doing a semi-homestudy version.  We would really like to get them through it before we leave in April.  WHAT = did I just say April??? Boy that is coming way to soon - better get busy!

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