Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016 - WAHOO! March is finally here - and with it comes spring, warmer weather, lemons, green grass, more daylight,  more than half way done with Seminary and General Conference.  March is a beautiful time of year on the island of Cyprus.  WE have had quite a bit of rain so everything is very green and lovely.  They don't have a lot of wild flowers here so it is a big deal when we see some - but it is nice to see green instead of brown.  My sweats have been replaced by capris for my morning walk and my sweatshirt for a long-sleeved T.  Everything is looking up.

The are so beautiful to see but they don't last long so we will enjoy them while we can.

Another group shot from Salamis.  The Perrys from Athens came along to visit and do some mission business.  They are the couple on the left with Pres & Sis. Heder next to them.

We are holding Mission leadership council in our apartment so we can Skype with Athens.

 Sis Bakewll, Elders Sveboda, Sheltzinger, Dagry and Kittsell.

This is dear Elder Dagry.  He is from France and his father passed away this last week.  Such a hard thing to go through.  The father had a been sick and he was kind of prepared - but can you ever be truly ready when it happens?  He has been amazing through it all.  Has only been out for 6 months.

The past few weeks I have been re-reading the conference talks.  They are so good and I learn new things every time.  Can't wait for April!

Hope you are enjoying good weather and your families.  With Easter approaching it is a good time to remember the sacrifices made for us.

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