Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Week #1

This was a good week.  We were able to help the elders and sisters out.  Our darling trio of sisters have to split their time between two cities that are 90 minutes apart.  Right now they spend one week at each place and then trade.  They are upbeat and working hard.
Sisters Indelicato, McKenna and Bakewell

This is the Hansen's last week here.  They have served valiantly for 23 months and are heading back to Idaho.  They will be greatly missed!!!  We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with them.  They took us to the Larnaka mosque which is supposedly where Mohummad's mother-in-law is buried.  We then went and ate at a great Chinese restaurant.

Here are the Reeves and the Hansens (in the middle).

This was inside the mosque. Very different from the Greek Orthodox sites at the are completely covered inside with icons and paintings.  This was very minimal and only used occasionally.

We had the opportunity to go and visit Jacob and another new member in the Turkey side.  The new fellow's name is Ambassador Chad and is from Zimbabwe.  He is a student in international relations. We had the sacrament, a short lesson and a good visit.  They are excited to have found each other and each have 2 more years of schooling.  

This will be a busy week with trying to shut down our apartment in Nicosia and prep for the big move.  I'm starting to panic big time as I think about all of our new assignments and  how and if I can do them.  Bill is so patient and just reminds me to take it one day at a time and to breathe.

Just had to add this pic.  Ice water is a rare thing here.  You never get ice in a restaurant unless you specifically ask for it and then they give you 2 ice cubes.  AT home I always had a glass of ice water on the counter and so this makes me feel right at home.

Oh, did I tell you we have another Easter coming up?  Yes, the Greek Orthodox celebrate Easter this week.  Everything closes down starting on Thursday with major celebrations at the churches each day ending on Sunday.  It will be fun and interesting to observe.

We got to watch 2 sessions of conference (Saturday's) at church yesterday.  Loved every minute of it. We had a pot luck dinner in-between sessions.  Loved the spirit of the brethren and their timely messages.  Love to all!

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