Sunday, April 26, 2015

It has been a busy week.  There has been a lot of illness here on the island with the younger missionaries.  Not quite sure what is going around but almost every companionship has someone ill.  WE have everything from cold and flu to depression.   WE have made numerous trips back to Nicosia taking missionaries to the doctors.  There is a really good doctor there - Dr. Lucy - who is great to work with.  She is from the states but married a Cypriat years ago and lives and practices here.  She is a very good doctor and likes Americans and Europeans which helps.   WE pray every night for their well being and that we won't have any more have to go home!!!

Here's Elder Jacobsen using his carpentry skills.  Putting together a shelving unit for the bathroom.  Thanks goodness for IKEA!

This is the name of our new street.  It helps me know where I am and it is a name I can recognize.

We had a fun branch activity watching "Meet the Mormons."  No one here had seen it sow they really enjoyed the evening.  Again, I cry every time - both at the football mom/wife and with the missionary mom at the end.  You will be glad that I now can get through "Called to Serve" without crying.  It may be impart that I am trying to sing it in Greek and don't have a clue to what I'm saying!!!
The first line, phonetically would sound like this:


You see what I mean?!?

I'm liking the oven in our new place.  So far thing have turned out okay.

This young woman is Despina.  She joined the church at age 16.  She was actually featured in a video about Cyprus when Elder Christopherson came last summer.  She is an outstanding young lady and so energetic and happy.

This is Joe and Kim.   They are from Tazmania but spending a couple of months her and in Athens.  He is a podiatrist and doing some internships.  We love having them here even if it is only for a few short months.  It is so wonderful to see valiant members serve wherever they are.

This is where we get the car washed.  There are lots of car washes around because no body owns their own homes and have access to water and such.

This was the scene this morning at the beach.  It is going to be a gorgeous day and they are getting ready for the crowds.  They put up all the chairs, covers and umbrellas.  We may just venture down again this evening to see what it is like then.

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