Monday, November 24, 2014


This past week we had some wonderful happenings.  The first was a baptism in the Mediterranean Sea.  The girl's name is Jane.  She is Phillipino and works as a domestic.  She was so sweet.  What an amazing setting.   The fellow on the far left below is a native Cypriat who was baptized with his wife a few months ago.  Truly amazing.  They give up so much when they join the church.  They are speaking in our upcoming conference. The fellow on the right is getting ready to go on a mission soon.

Here are some pictures of the old city.  It is surrounded by a rock wall.  It is divided in half by the 'green line' between the section ruled by Turkey and the Cyprus section.

Here you can see a mosque and one of the many old, narrow streets.

Here we had Greek pitas and were serenaded by this fellow.  They put french fries in the pitas and gyros.

Found this little (or not so little) guy on my morning walk. They are a popular item at the grocery store but pretty sure they won't come home in my basket!!

There is a nice nursery just a couple of blocks from our flat.  I pass it every morning on my walk.  I decided to buy this little geranium to brighten up our space and because it reminds me of my mom.  She loved and grew geraniums for many years.

We had a pot luck after church this past Sunday.  Since Sunday is the only day the majority of our members have off we wanted to have something where we could meet and mingle.  It was a huge success. We had 35 out to our meetings that day.  We are really trying to develop and unity among the members and hopefully we are headed in the right direction.  This branch is the closest thing to family that most of them have.

We have District Conference coming up - lots of meetings and things to do.  It will be wonderful to hear from our local leaders.  Bill and I both get to speak and will also be taking part in the auxiliary training sessions.

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