Friday, November 7, 2014

Well, we must be learning a lot because things have definitely slowed down and we are able to catch our breath a little.  Our weather is still fantastic but you can tell the cooler weather is just around the corner.

We have been busy helping the missionaries get their 'go bags' ready and then making sure their food storage is up to date.  A lot of what we do is missionary support and aid.  Some of our teaching appointments have cancelled which is disappointing.  We also have driven down to Larnaca twice but it has been at night so we have missed seeing the beautiful coastline.

We did meet a new young member.  Her name is Ingrida and she is from Latvia.  She has been a member for about 6 weeks.  It is had for her to get to church because she works 6 days a week and her day off is seldom Sunday.  But she is devoted and hopefully good things will work out for her.

These are the wonderful missionaries in our area.  Sis. Huby from France, Sister Hall from England, and Elders Deighton and Boyce also from England.  Both Sis Hall and Elder Boyce are converts to the gospel.  They are a joy to work with and amazing missionaries.

Working away in our little place.  You can see the little washing machine in the background.  Very small and there is no dryer.

Again, as you can see, you park wherever you want!

Hope all is good back home!

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  1. Love these blog notes, Ann. Love you both as you go forth and serve.