Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Well, I guess we must be becoming true Cypriats.  Bill has mastered driving on the left side of the road, I have mastered not flinching every time I think we are turning wrong, and Bill has become a horn honker.  I tried and tried to get him to use the horn at home and he wouldn't but here it is a different story.  You have to honk to survive in this traffic.

Also, we have deposited junk on the curb.  I know, sounds horrible doesn't it?  But apparently here it is very normal that if you have something you don't want you just find an empty lot and leave it there and someone usually comes and gets it.  So, last night under the cloak of darkness, we dropped off two broken chairs and an old microwave on the vacant lot across the street.  Yes, sure enough this morning all were gone.  Now if someone would just come get the old mattress!!
Seeing this makes me so grateful for Santa Clara and home.

Not the prettiest site to see every morning!!!!

We also went over into the Turkey side of the island.  We went to visit a member who lives there.  His name is Jacob and he is a student.  Student visas don't allow them to cross over the "green line" so once a month we will be visiting him to give him the sacrament, a short home teaching lesson and just see how he is doing.  He is amazing.  So incredibly humble and a smile like no other.  Think Adam Heini (Timo).  He shared with us his conversation story and his testimony.  He has two more years of school so hopefully we will become good friends.  He is from Nigeria, a convert and a return missionary.

This is us with Jacob and Sis. Bingham.  She is from Oakley, UT

North Cyprus is so very different from where we live.  You cross the boarder with your passport and cannot wear your missionary badges or ties.  Everything is quite depressing.  There is no color - everything is gray or tan.  No trees, flowers, grass, etc.  The people all look very serious and suspicious.  It made us very grateful to cross back over into Nicosia and arrive home (thanks to our trusty GPS Garmin).

Another Cypriat quality we have adopted is drying clothes on a foldable clothesline.  Very few apartments have dryers.  AT first I thought that would be difficult but it really is bad at all. Here is ours on our deck.

The sun really does wonder for bleaching whites.

Bill had to go to the bank to make an appointment for a visiting mission official on Friday.  Here you just can't go to the bank and talk to someone.  You have to make an appointment.  So while he is gone I decided to make some bread (thanks Dawna for the recipe and demo).  Hopefully it turns out.  I like to take the missionaries something when we have District meeting. That is tomorrow.  Did I mention how amazing our missionaries are?  

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  1. Great post! Keep up the good work. Love you both.