Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lots to learn!

Well we have been here for almost two weeks and have learned a lot! and there is still a lot more to learn.  I forgot to post a photo of us with one of our trainers at the MTC.  It was Elder Nick Gubler from Santa Clara, UT.  His parents are Shan & Sue Gubler.  He was darling and it was so fun to have someone from home.

This week Bill had special training so he can do all of the finances here on the island.  A wonderful couple from the mission office came for 3 days to train.  Needless to say at the end Bill's brain was hurting a little!!!  This couple is from outside of London and were so very,very nice.

Here I am with Elder and Sister Manning.  We are taking a lunch break at KFC.  We are still getting to know our area and haven't found any local eateries and who doesn't like a good chicken leg now and then??

This morning on my walk I went down to this large park.  IT was really nice and very pretty.  It takes about 15 minutes walking to get there.  Today was my first day but Bill and I will go back together.  They have a large children's area, tennis courts, etc.  One thing I have noticed on my walks is that people don't like to look you in the eyes - maybe is it just me they don't want to look at.  It probably didn't help that was wearing a Washington DC t-shirt.  They really don't like America too much here.  I have enjoyed walking every morning.  Have met a cute older (80) gentleman down the street.  He is out every morning sweeping his front porch and sidewalk.  He speaks a little English so we someone manage a little conversation.  I usually just smile and say "kalamera" which is good morning.  Who knows, I may pass out a Book of Mormon sometime down the road.  I'll have to get a picture of him to post.

This is Elder Jacobsen at the grocery store.  It is two levels and you put your cart on this little trolley that takes it up and down.

Elder Jacobsen and Harry - investigator at the Halloween Party. He just arrived here from India 3 weeks ago.  He is a student.

Musical chairs - a party staple.

Sister Tess - a return missionary

These 3 sisters did a great job putting the party on.  They are wonderful members.
Sisters Rhoda, Bernadette & Sally

Tomorrow we are heading to Larnaca to visit another senior couple.  It is on the coast so it will be fun to see more of the island.  All is all is has been a very good week!

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